twilight! Your builds are amazing

Banned for ban evading ~MrCakeSlayer

@SaberFangz I saw you were banning my Accout so?..


@GenetiCraft Dmd is DirectMessaged (just shortened)

IGN: Joe
Email: [email protected]
What You are (in the list): Web Creator/Developer
Proof: PM
Age: 13

Web Developer And YouTuber!

Feel free to pm me for a Website!

Also Check Out My Server!

@SaberFangz IGN: Aaron_Of_MCD IGN: Aaron_Of_MCD
I am a server Owner
Great with commands
I am a Great builder
And I am a good Developer
Email : [email protected]

Good Luck Everyone :)

Those who build small stand tall

Follow me on twitter @zMutant300

@GenetiCraft said in JOIN THE TEAM!!:

@GrayArce Please send me some of your builds. How good are you at commands?
@lewioe What is dmd?
@Ni3zam How good are you at non LEET Used plugins?

I Still good at it and i can learn it fast.I has many knowledge at plugin and im sure that i can learn it quickly^^
If u wanna use Non-LEET plugin,Im Good as 8/10^^
Is i still accepted?

If it impossible,make it possible^^
Be the Noob to be a Pro

If u Need Staff,Just ask^^
Be Happy^^

Testing my Signature

| YOUTUBER | | Owner of Popular Server SurvivalGamesUnite BattleDay created by StormUnite |
"Black Suits, Black Suits"

@TheFinalVictorX Could you use a newer topic to do that instead of bumping this one and send people notifications?

  1. Subcribe to The Obsidian Gemstone
  2. Excrete fecal matter on a daily basis
  3. Don’t underestimate the adhesive power of saliva
  4. Don’t eat your boogers

Hello, I am a server owner and pretty experienced at commands, making websites, setting up vote rewards, and overall good with responsibility. Managing OP, Rank Prices, and Economy.
IGN: YamYamYammie
Age: 15

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