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I saw a lot of people that are asking about plugins and can not find the tutorials for them,
So I’m gonna make this topic to organize all the tutorials
Bookmark this post so you can find it easily
Please Click On The Name Of The Tutorial To See It!

If you posted a tutorial and its not here - Please PM me the link and I’ll add it. Please Don’t post the links in the comments here!


Credits - By @MCPEChicken_
Introducing LEET - By @ZOace
Email Security - By @ZOace
Server Forum - By @beetree
Terms Of Service - By @MrCakeSlayer
Enchant Items With /Give - By @XiiDOMINICKiiX
How To Setup Your Own LEET Server - @THEJAGAR
Uploading Maps And Using Backup - By @SirMaxime
How To Add Color To Your Server’s Title - By @redstonemaster87
How To Migrate Your V1 Server - By @ObsidianTOG
How To Reset Your In-Game Name - By @SirGamer
Explanation About LEET - By @James100
How To Set Permissions - By @ArceusMatt
How To Create Custom IP For Your Server - By @Tim_
How to fix server names not showing on MCPE (iOS) - By @ibrahimk157
How to color your server name - By @Lode2345
Parallel Maps - By @AtomizationYT
Proper Support - By @MCPEChicken_
Video Tutorials - By @ObsidianTOG


AdminFun - By @FireDash
AutoBroadcastPE - By @Goldish_Kirby
AutoCommand - By @eDroidPlayzYT
AutoDoor - By @Arthix
AutoSmelt - By @Jeremy
BasicHUD - By @Tim_
BloodFX - By @Nick_616
ChatFilter - By @ZOace
CommandShop - By @Sharks332
Config Reset By @Sky_craft
Console - By @ClanEmo
CosmeticMenu - By @Arthix
CrateKeys - By @Nick_616
CustomHUD - By @KlovinGamingHD
DeathMatch - By @Arthix
Economy - By @ZOace
Economy2 - By @ProjectInfinity
EnderPearl - By @Nick_616
Factions - By @ZOace
Functions - By @Arthix
HelpOp - By @Arthix
ICU / IControlYou - By @ZOace
iFriend - By @Arthix
InvSee / InventorySee - By @iJoyce_
ItemDisplay - By @YamYamYammie
Jail - By @Cder
KillRate - By @ZOace
Kits - By @beetree
LandProtect - Updated - @Nick_616
LandProtection - By @IZHardRockZI
LastSeenPE - By @Arthix
LeetTP - By @ClanEmo
LightFix - By @Sky_craft
LocalChat - By @Cder / @Goldish_Kirby
LogBlock - By @ibrahimk157
MadCommands - By @madhon
MadCommands 2.0 - By @madhon
MagicWE - By @MarMallowz
MineReset - By @ZOace
Modify Ranks - By @Nick_616
MultiWorlds - By @DreydenCool9001
My Plots - By @ZMusty
NCP - By @GodZ_Knights
NetherChest - By @ZOace
New LandProtect - By @Ammarking
NoAdvertisingPE - By @Arthix
Parrots - By @iDaxyy
Permissions - By @madhon
PocketGuard - By @Nick_616
PocketMorph - By @Nick_616
PocketVote - By @Cder
PVP 1v1 - By @Goldish_Kirby
RestartMe - By @MarMallowz
ServerLove - By @ZMusty
ServerMail - By @Nick_616
SignModifier - By @MarMallowz
Spajk’s Banners - By @Spajker
Slappers - By @EnviousGamer
Sparklers - By @FuzionPanda
StatusSigns - By @WarCraftmcpe
SuperBAN - By @AbidC
SuperJump - By @Goldish_Kirby
Temporary Ranks - By @Nick_616
UserActions - By @ZDroid
VipSlots - By @ZMusty
VoiceChat - By @beetree
WalkingParticles - By @Goldish_Kirby
WelcomeGUI - By @ZDroid
WhiteListReason - By @Arthix
WorldEditArt - By @SirMaxime
WorldEdit2 - By @Ammarking
World Protect - By @GodZ_Knights


Ban Applying - By @Vanderley5974X
Great Custom HTML Header - By @Sharks332
Custom Profile Picture - By @Tim_
How To Add Privileges To A Certain Category - By @SirSlayer0102
How To Add A Category - By @SirSlayer0102
Two-Factor Authentication - By @ZOace
Fix 502 In Forum - By @Jeremy
Special Text Codes In The Forum - By @Ammarking
Manage Your Forum - By @Mutant3000
Adding Links To Your Posts - By @SkyMon
Flagging Posts - By @Nick_616


Custom Item Tags - By @Akharote1
Color Codes - By @ATGravy
Potions IDs - By @Coolcookiecat
Weather - By @Tim_
Dyes - By @ZOace
Custom Items - By @Ammarking

Random / Actions

Every Single Permission - By @KingdomHeart
Sleep On Any Object - By @ZOace
Working BuildBattle On LEET - By @stevetheboss2423
How To Make Good Tutorials - By @TrelixHD
Make Tutorials - By @beetree
How To Make A Good Prison Server - By @Ammarking
Timed Permissions - By @ZOace
How To Fix /f claim Bug - By @James100
Remove Permission From Player / Group - By @OGSweg
Banning And Unbanning Items - By @Quantum
Stuff To Do With AutoCommand - By @CastawayMCPE
Control Tax - By @Ammarking
Use Mines With ActionBlocks - By @KingdomHeart
How to only let certain groups get a kit / run an action - By @IAmDevBoB
How To Make Floating Text - By @IAmDevBoB
How To Make Professional Slappers - By @EnviousGamer
Using Kits With ActionBlocks - By @SirGamer
Biome Changing - By @Cder
How To Use Commands With Slappers - By @KlovinGamingHD
Setting Format For Groups - By @madhon
Enchantments IDs - By @OliverTronDX
Setting up PocketVote on Website - By @ZMusty
Fix Broken 1vs1 Arena’s - By @SirMaxime
All About Land Protection - By @madhon
Anti-Dos - By @ZMusty
Hit The Target (Mini Game) - By @ZMusty
Checkpoints For Parkour - By @Ammarking
Hiding Your Nametag - By @ZMusty
Make Colorful Slappers - By @BouncyJeffer
Automatically Ban Fly Hackers - By @ZMusty
Jackpot Machine - By @ZOace
Arrows Parkour - By @Sem1234567890
Commands on Slappers - By @ZMusty
How To Block Certain Commands - By @JoeFromLEET
How To Build A New Spawn - By @JourdanWee
How To Get Free Credits - By @Friendship
How To Use AddParent - By @MCPEChicken_
How To Write A Good Suggestion - By @Arthix
Create Your Own Rankup System - By @Sky_craft
Lucky Wheel With MadCommands By @Melonenbubi
Rules And Warnings Using MadCommands - By @JamesCopeland95
Welcome And Join Message With MadCommand - By @Sky_craft

Thank You For Reading,

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@DreydenCool9001 said in Every Single Tutorial:

I can’t see multi world…

Can not find it in Pinned posts. Ill make a tutorial now And I will add it.
If you have a multiworld tutorial Let me know and Ill add it

Wow thanks for listing them all . Pinned


Nice job it is like @ZOace Old one

Those who build small stand tall

Follow me on twitter @zMutant300


Those who build small stand tall

Follow me on twitter @zMutant300

@Nick_616 Lol like i said it is old :P

Those who build small stand tall

Follow me on twitter @zMutant300

btw if some one have a link to a multiworld tutrial please PM me the link and Ill add it

@Nick_616 I will look now is it ok if it is not pinned?

Those who build small stand tall

Follow me on twitter @zMutant300

MultiWorlds Plugin Tutorial - Added
Thanks to @Mutant3000 for linking it to me

@Nick_616 Lol, you didn’t put the last circle bracket ) at the end of the link.
Great list! Took time to research it.

@Nick_616 NP thanks for making a newer version :)

Those who build small stand tall

Follow me on twitter @zMutant300


@SuperPitty said in Every Single Tutorial:

@Nick_616 Lol, you didn’t put the last circle bracket ) at the end of the link.
Great list! Took time to research it.

Fixed :) Thanks for letting me know

This post is deleted!

@DaynaC said in Every Single Tutorial:

Nice job on this!

thank you

Added Tutorial To Create A Good Prison Server
Thanks @Ammarking For Linking Me This Tutorial
Added Under ‘Random’

Thanks @Ammarking For Linking Me This Tutorial


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@Nick_616 This was really helpful. I saved the link to my notes.

I H8 cats cause there ugly and useless.

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