How to use the New Land Protection

Land Protection

One of the most important must-have plugins

Developed by Svile

It lets you protect areas of your world from pvp, fall damage, editing/using blocks (Using crafting tables, chests, doors, etc), and accessing areas.

This is how it works:

Creating an area

First thing you need to do is to create an area, to define what you want to protect;

Stand near the first corner of the area you want to protect then do

/area create AreaName (Must be alphanumeric)

Now Break a block in the first corner
Then go to the second corner and Break a block.

All players will be able to pvp, get fall damge, edit/use blocks, and access that area.
(While they are inside it)


You can control pvp in that area by using:

/area toggle AreaName pvp

Allowed: you can pvp, Disallowed: you can’t pvp.

You can control fall damage in that area by using:

/area toggle AreaName getdamage

Allowed: you get fall damage, Disallowed: you don’t get fall damage.

You can control using blocks in that area by using:

/area toggle AreaName interact

Allowed: you can use blocks, Disallowed you can’t use blocks.

You can control placing/breaking blocks in that area by using:

/area toggle AreaName place
/area toggle AreaName break

Allowed: You can place/break blocks, Disallowed: You can’t place/break blocks.

You can control whether to allow players to enter the area or not by by using:

/area toggle AreaName access

Allowed: you can enter the area, Disallowed you can’t enter the area.
(it bounces you away from it in the direction that is the opposite of the middle of the area)


The toggles effects All players
INCLUDING Op players and players in creative mode, if you are cmod and getdamage is Allowed you get fall damage.

You can use:

/area list

to see the areas you created.

to display the toggles of an area use:

/area list AreaName

Under the name you will see the toggles.

You can teleport to an area using:

/area tp AreaName

You can see an area name by using

/area here

You can rename an area by using:

`/area rename AreaName NewAreaName

You can use:

/area whitelist AreaName add Player-Name

It will allow the player you add to break/place/use blocks, pvp, get fall damage, and access that area. even if all toggles are Disallowed and even if it’s protected with another area.

To toggle an option use:

/area whitelist AreaName toggle Name option

You can remove a player by using:

/area whitelist AreaName remove Player-Name

You can list all players inside that area by using:

/area whitelist AreaName list

To list a player’s toggles use

/area whitelist AreaName list Player-Name

Note: when you create an area it automatically adds you to whitelist.

You can delete an area by using:

/area delete AreaName

Side notes

  • You can create an area inside an area

But it must be inside it (both corners must be inside it)
The toggles in the area inside it, overpowers the main area.

Example: Area B is inside area A
If place is allowed in A and disallowed in B
You can place blocks inside A and can’t inside B

  • You can toggle multiple options at a time


/area toggle AreaName pvp getdamage place

Will toggle pvp, getdamage and place

Same for /area whitelist

/area whitelist AreaName toggle Name pvp getdamage

  • You can toggle options of an area while creating it

/area create AreaName pvp getdamage

Same with adding a player to whitelist

/area whitelist AreaName add Name pvp getdamage


The Land Protection is not designed to handle huge amounts of protected areas efficiently. Whenever a player places or breaks a block, touches a touchable item, or tries to hit another player, the plugin loops through all defined areas to find out whether the action should be allowed or not. Wich causes so much lag, and sometimes crashes the server, because every single one of them is being checked.

Keep this in mind and do not try to define a separate area for every house you want to protect. It would slow your server down and take it to its knees very easily.

Much better approach is to designate large areas, such as towns or cities, to responsible staff members, such as builders, and let them manage them by whitelisting trusted players.


area.command (Gives full access to /area)

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