How to use World Edit

World Edit

One of the most powerful and useful plugins

This is how it works:


First thing you need to do is to make a selection, to define what you want to edit
There are different ways of making a selection
The basic one is:

Pos1 Pos2

Standing in both corners

Stand in the first corner, then do

/we 1 or //1 or /we pos1

Then stand in the 2nd corner and do

/we 2 or //2 or /we pos2

It will make a cubic selection.


Then after that, you choose what to fill in that selection
For example you want to fill it with dirt
You do:

//set 3

It will look like this:

3 Stands for Dirt block id.
Tutorial video (Tap to open)

To fill it with another block use:

//set Block-ID

You can get the block id using /iteminfo or /ii while holding the block (You need Economy Plugin for this command) or by searching for it in this picture:
Tap for full resolution

You can also use //set Block-ID h
h stands for Hallow
It fills it like this

Tutorial video

You can also fill it with multiple blocks
Using //set block,block

I used //set 1,3.

Note: if you do //set 1,4,3 it will only set dirt and stone, without cobblestone
To make it work you have to use //set 1,4,4,3
For using four blocks use //set 1,2,2,2,3,3,4.

If you placed water, and you want the water to flow, use:
//set water nu
nu stands for no-update
It makes the water ‘Update’ wich will make it flow
It also works with light, lava and falling blocks (sand, gravel).
Tutorial video

You can use //replace block block
That will replace a block with another block
You made a cube of stone and dirt
And you want to replace Stone with Wooden planks
You use //replace 1 5
If you want to clear the wooden planks and leave the dirt
You use //replace 5 0
You can also use //replace block block h

Clearing blocks

After you make the selection you can clear it from blocks using //cut or //set 0

You can also use //set 0 h to only clear the walls of the selection
Tutorial video

Copying and pasting blocks

You can copy structures then paste them in a different area

Make the selection then stand near the structure and do

//copy name g (Don’t forget the g)

Then go where you want to paste it and do

//paste name g (Don’t forget the g)

It will paste the way you copy it
If you copy it while standing 1 block away from it
It will paste 1 block away from you
If you copy it while standing 100 blocks away from it
It will paste 100 blocks away from you
Tutorial video

The other ways to make a selection:


For making a selection without standing in both corners

//Cuboid g X1 Y1 Z1 X2 Y2 Z2

X1-Z2 stands for your coordinates

You can get your coordinates with //1 or /cave getmypos or /tp ~ ~ ~.

Tutorial video


For making a cylinder selection

//Cylinder Radius Height d direction

Direction can be: up, down, left, right, or me(The direction you are pointing at)
Unfortunately only up works

I used //cylinder 25 25 d u
Then //set bedrock h
Note: Don’t make a selection bigger than //cylinder 50 100 d u
Your server can’t handle it… it will crash if you do.
Tutorial video


Unfortunately it doesn’t work and it crashes your server.


Anchor is used to save your selection for later use, unfortunately it doesn’t work.

Some unique blocks

//set ladder

This will fill the selected area with invisible blocks
You can walk on them and they will not block light if used as a ceiling
You can break them
Players can’t go through them
But if they try to break them while walking through them they will pass through

//set vines

This will fill the selected area with invisible ladders that can be used to climb a wall or fall safely from a high ground
You can’t break those vines
And you can’t place blocks where you placed them
Only way to remove them is by doing //set 0

//set 95

This will fill the selected area with invisible bedrock that you can walk on
This block will block light if used as a ceiling
You cannot break this block
But you can break blocks behind it
Players can Never go through that wall
Not even Hackers
Can be used in jails
You will no longer worry about prison breakers if you use it
Only way to remove it is by doing //set 0

//set 9

This will fill the selected area with "stillwater"
This water will never flow

//set 11

This will fill the selected area with "stilllava"
This lava will never flow

//set fire nu

If you use this on air it will make an invisible light


wea (Gives full access to world edit)
There are a bunch more…use /fperms WorldEditArt to see them

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