FCPE Needs staff.

so recently we have been demoting staff for various reasons
so we need new staff!
Applications are open for 0 days, this post will be edited.


Do not ask for your application to be read as it will result in a deny.

Banned for selling account ~Cake

@FrostyFinn For section 4 question 3, 3 of them are grammatically incorrect? And you’re only asking for one

  1. Subcribe to The Obsidian Gemstone
  2. Excrete fecal matter on a daily basis
  3. Don’t eat too much sugar before talking to your crush
  4. Stop being cliché
  5. Don’t underestimate the adhesive power of saliva
  6. Don’t eat your boogers
  7. Learn how and when to brag

@FrostyFinn Frosty, I have applied for staff! Hope I become a mod pn your noice server! Thanks

@FrostyFinn Might apply later!


| CEO Of UniverseCreations |

I’ll help you out! :)

(Former) LEET Staff
Owner/Creator of @NitroNetworkHQ
My Twitter @JustinFromMCPE

All of your applications will be checked by the new owner, HeyItsFinn.
Not me by the way.

Banned for selling account ~Cake

Locked, because it’s my topic.

Banned for selling account ~Cake

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