FCPE Needs staff.

so recently we have been demoting staff for various reasons
so we need new staff!
Applications are open for 0 days, this post will be edited.


Do not ask for your application to be read as it will result in a deny.

Banned for selling account ~Cake

@FrostyFinn For section 4 question 3, 3 of them are grammatically incorrect? And you’re only asking for one

  1. Subcribe to The Obsidian Gemstone
  2. Excrete fecal matter on a daily basis
  3. Don’t underestimate the adhesive power of saliva
  4. Don’t eat your boogers

@FrostyFinn Frosty, I have applied for staff! Hope I become a mod pn your noice server! Thanks

@FrostyFinn Might apply later!


| CEO Of UniverseCreations |

I’ll help you out! :)

All of your applications will be checked by the new owner, HeyItsFinn.
Not me by the way.

Banned for selling account ~Cake

Locked, because it’s my topic.

Banned for selling account ~Cake

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