"Invalid IP Address"

@WinterBuild7074 Also, maybe try restarting your router, it’s helped me connect to servers.


@WinterBuild7074 Don’t use VPN , and make sure you use only letters and numbers.

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I don’t know how to restart a router, I don’t even know what that is!

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Server Name: InfinityFun
Server IP/Address: a22687.leet.cc
Port: a22687

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  • Go farming and sell your blocks to earn money!
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@WinterBuild7074 Your wifi box thing. Unplug it and plug it back in. It’ll take a few minutes to reboot.

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If none of the answers above are useful, try mine. I think it is the mcpe app’s fault itself. Mojang released the app too soon when it still have a lot of bugs and this is one of those bugs. Try deleting the server ip and port u created and try making a new one.

Find help at: leethelp.desk.com
LEET Twitter: @leet_cc

@GodZ_Knights I agree with your answer, one of my players had trouble getting on and thats what he did, then he was able to get on the server.

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@WinterBuild7074 said in "Invalid IP Address":

Why? What’s wrong with German people? :(

I like German people, they’re cool :) just make sure the IP was entered correctly

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@WinterBuild7074 lol I have a German friend

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Has your issue been resolved?

Regards, Shmify.

@Shmify_ Sir, can u help me with my server’s plugin? I made a posts about it not long ago, but few people know what to do…

Find help at: leethelp.desk.com
LEET Twitter: @leet_cc

@GodZ_Knights said in "Invalid IP Address":

@Shmify_ Sir, can u help me with my server’s plugin? I made a posts about it not long ago, but few people know what to do…

Make a support ticket at support.leet.cc regarding your issue so admins could check it out as soon as they’re on.

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