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The functions plugin on my friends server ( 56100) doesn’t function properly. Ex: I type /function c hub -and i am notified that the function has been created but when I go to type - /function ac hub spawn - it says the function hub hasn’t been added and then tells me how to add it.

If you have the domain then your friend is still on v1 right? Functions was broken in v1 if I remember correctly.

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@AppleGamer Nope, you are wrong… The domain is for any servers before the recent update of LEET… Currently, both IOS and Android device has received the LEET v2 app updates. (However, IOS users must join the Test Flight to be able to try this out. PM beetree for more info)

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@GodZ_Knights I did say that… v1 had the domain.

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@AppleGamer yes, v1 has it. However, as i mentioned above, you can clearly see that LEET v2 app has already been released for any devices (for IOS, you need to sign up in the TestFlight, PM beetree for more details). So technically, they can be using LEET v2. Still, it is up to the user himself/herself.

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@GodZ_Knights why are you saying v2 was fully released

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@DratiniLP said in Function Tutorial:

@GenetiCraft I tried it anyways.

Do you still get the message that ‘hub’ doesn’t exist?


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@GenetiCraft yes.

@alyssa_perez I’m so sorry for my mistake! I will edit this back…

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@GenetiCraft Althought this is a very useful post, the Functions plugin isn’t working. It’s broken, you cannot create new custom functions.

You can only use existing commands, e.g create spawn function to execute version command.

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@kenygamer Yes which is a shame. I am already reading through the GitHub to see what went wrong

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