HelpOp Tutorial


What is HelpOp?
This plugin is easy and simple to use. HelpOp allows your players to message all online staff with a single command. This is a strong tool to help players fast and efficiently on your server.


  • Message all online staff
  • Get support quickly
  • Check if any staff member is online!


  • /helpop - Call a staff member for help
  • /checkop - Check if any ops are online


  • Helpop.command - Allows you to execute the /helpop command

How to use HelpOp?

As a player

Before I use /helpop I want to make sure that an op is online, because if not what is the point of using /helpop if a staff member is not online. To see if an op is online I would type ‘/checkop’.

Great! I see there is a staff member online. Well I want to tell him that I voted for the server so I would type ‘/helpop I voted for the server’, then the ops should receive the message successfully.

He/She has the ability to teleport to me if he/she wants too. Then the op will now be able to help me with my issue, question, or concern.

As an op of the server

You don’t have to do anything really, except wait until a player uses ‘/helpop’.

If a user executes the ‘/helpop’ command I will see the user who executed the command, and that needs help. I can teleport to him if I want to, but it is not necessary.


How a player will see once they execute /helpop, and ops are online

If there is no staff online the player will see this

If a user uses /helpop, ops will see this

If a user executes /checkop they will see something similar to this

Hope I have helped you so far in regards of HelpOp. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact me as I am more than happy to assist you.

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Nice tutorial 😀

> Member
>> Member
>>> Member
>>>> Mod
>>>>> Admin

@GenetiCraft Great job with these tutorials! 👍

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Thanks both of you :)


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useless plugin :/ just ask for a staff :/

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@MCPEChicken_ It actually is useful to keep order in the server, and a staff would be able to see your message as it’s going to them.


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Great tutorial!

Nice tutorial, but at my server i dont give OP so how would it be useful for my staffs? We give permissions only.

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@kenygamer Well as you said that your staff have perms no op so what if someone joins a server and classifies as op but the person that sees thier op is muted they can use /helpop

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Banned for breaking the TOS multiple times trying to sell various services after multiple warnings ~MrCakeSlayer

Will there be any tags that can be used in the message of the day, like a way to add in the online op’s?

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@Doxially-M13h15l This is not related to HelpOp, instead /setwelcomemessage comes along with the server software. Currently there is no special tag to add the ops online to the welcome message.


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Great tutorial! Very useful!

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