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Hi I’m Stars,and I now have a creative server,you can build,warp to places,soon we will have roleplay,we have capture the flag,deathmeatches,and Free Build!Hope to see you there :)
Ip: a64070.leet.cc
Port: 64070

We also need a few donations if you could so nicely help us ^-^

Good luck with your Server.

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I’ll hop on later today to take a look.
I love creative servers, there are so many role play servers tho.

@stargaming123 I’ll be sure to check it out! Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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InGameName: Nummy

Support: https://leethelp.desk.com/


@stargaming123 Sounds like an amazing server, I will make sure to add it to my server list!

Best regards,

If you have any problems make sure to pm me or send me an email. ([email protected])

My company: SolarInc.ml

Leet support: http://support.leet.cc/

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I also have a better server,it’s pvp/factions,
Ip: pixelswords.leet.cc
Port: 60756

By the way my fav server is better than the creative.

Sounds great! Hope the server goes well 👍

For additional help, please visit https://leethelp.desk.com/


Sounds Awesome! Good luck with PixelCreative! :+1:


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