How To Migrate Your v1 Server!


How to migrate your server!

So, since the iOS app got a new update, more specifically, the awesome v2 update, I think it is appropriate to show the iOS users what the Android users have been enjoying for a while, and how to enjoy it like them.

This is a tutorial on how to migrate your v1 server to v2

(Note: These are Android pictures, but will work the same for iOS.)

So, first, you will be using the old LEET app:
(This is the MCPE 0.11.0 version of the LEET app 😝)

You should get a notification to update the app in the AppStore/PlayStore, when updating, you should see the app look like this:

Press Yes, begin the upgrade, pressing this should give you this loading tab:

Once it has upgraded, you will see your app say:

Now, your server has migrated, however, you must register it, so that you can access your server’s app on other devices. To do this, press Register, and you should receive a Register Server tab, input your email, then password, then confirm your password. Make sure that you put the correct email in!

Check your email, and you should see the automatic-email in your inbox:

Opening it will reveal the link to press to verify your email:

Click the link, and it will then inform you that your email has been verified:

Now, you have registered and successfully migrated your server! You can now login to your server through any device:

If you somehow logout before registering your server, don’t worry, LEET.CC knows that people make mistakes, so if you logout before registering, just press Load Server On Device, this will load the server that was last used on the device:

I hope that this tutorial helped you! If you have any queries about migrating your server, don’t be afraid to send me a PM, or another staff member!

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Great job! Very useful for iOS users.

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Great tutorial!
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Great tutorial, you really did a nice job of explaining everything.

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