How Credits work.

Credits are what LEET runs their servers off of. They are similar to coins, gems, and diamonds in games. They can be considered a LEET currency :P. Every day you have a server, it takes lots of resources, such as memory, maps, a domain to host it on and those things are not very cheap!! Credits help contribute to the cost of these tools. You can get them in various different ways, and they are used for many functions to helpp your server become more successful.

Credits can be obtained in a few different ways, listed below

  • In-App Offers/Videos Sponsored by TapJoy® and some other companies
  • Donations via Leet Donations or Leet CoPayments
  • You can purchase credits through the LEET Realms/LEET app
  • You may see events or giveaways on the forums for credits as well. Anyone can join them.

Credits can be used for many things, some are listed below

  • Player Slots (amount of people your server can fill)
  • Maps - Such as droppers, structures, arenas, spawns and adventure maps/cities
  • Plugins, such as slappers, mines, new commands and cool particles or fun toys to mess with
  • RCON - type commands to your server without joining it :P you can use this to unban yourself in an emergency, or troll players anonymously >:)

As Leet Grows and Improves as a community, many new features may come in the future.

Hope this tutorial was helpful and maybe you learned something new ??

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Hi! You can call me Sun, SunTan, or SunTanLotion :3
I only play Geometry Dash…


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