SinisterPrison [Officially Opened]

@EnviousGamer some people dont use euros :( can u put amounts in credits too??

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Yamburgers or Turkey Burgers?

Nice work! I will check it out later!

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@FuzionPanda said in SinisterPrison [Officially Opened]:

Wow those are insane maps!

These are made by LEET on the app

@YamYamYammie some maps aren’t leet only gets of what the license of the map allows them to

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@YamYamYammie Eh I didn’t specify if I was referring to EnviousGamer making em. I said “those are insane maps”. 😉

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@EnviousGamer Looks legit! Added to my join list!


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@Arthix Sometimes I wonder how many servers are in Geneti’s join list…

@YamYamYammie I frequently remove and add servers to my list. I remove the one’s I no longer play or if the server has no fun or players I leave.


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@EnviousGamer Good luck with your server!

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