[Tutorial] Lights Plugin

Hey everyone,
As you know 3 new plugins were added today.

  • Lights
  • Size Player
  • Survival Fly

In this tutorial we’ll focus on the ‘Lights’ plugin.

What can this plugin do?
This plugin is very very basic. It just allows you to turn ‘lights’ on and off.

What are lights?
Lights are :
And basically everything dark in the game

How can I use the plugin?
There are only 2 commands
/lights on - Turn on the lights
/lights off - Turn off the lights

Only 1 permission

Hope it helped you guys a little.
If you have any suggestions / fixes for this tutorial or any other that I wrote please PM [private message] me and I’ll try responding and fixing it as soon as possible.

Hehe, good one. Upvoted.

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@Nick_616 nice one I was gonna ask how it work

> Member
>> Member
>>> Member
>>>> Mod
>>>>> Admin

From what I understand, “lights” are “darkness”, “everything dark”. So if we turn on the “lights”, we get “darkness”? 😄

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Cool tutorial! Upvoted!


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