Effect IDS using /effect

@MCPEChicken_ oh ok :/

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Nice! Thanks for the information!

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Noce tutorial. I didn’t kno some of those effects existed.

If you have any questions, let me know.
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@BruhItzzLandon said in Effect IDS using /effect:

Noce tutorial. I didn’t kno some of those effects existed.

some (3 of them) are PC only, but will come to MCPE eventually

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@MCPEChicken_ said in Effect IDS using /effect:

Currently there are no posts about this, So I have decided to make one :P

 ID       Effect       Description 
     1     Speed             Increases Walking Speed
     2     Slowness          Decreases Walking Speed
     3     Haste             Increases Mining/Attack Speed
     4     Mining Fatigue    Decreases Mining/Attack Speed
     5     Strength          Increases Hit Damage
     6     Instant Health    Instantly Heals Player
     7     Instant Damage    Instantly Hurts Player
     8     Jump Boost        Gives Player SuperJump Powers!  
     9     Nausea            Blurs/Shakes Screen
    10     Regeneration      Slowly Regenerates Health
    11     Resistance        Reduces Damage Taken
    12     Fire Resistance   Makes Player Resistant to Fire/Lava/Magma
    13     Water Breathing   You Can Breathe Underwater!
    14     Invisibility      Makes You Invisible
    15     Blindness         Blinds Player
    16     Night Vision      Gives You Bright vision In dark areas
    17     Hunger            Makes you hungry
    18     Weakness          Reduces Damage Inflicted
    19     Poison            Poisons Player Until Half Heart
    20     Wither            Same As Poison, but can kill you
    21     Health Boost      Gives You Extra Health
    22     Absorption        Absorbs Damage, Gives Temporary Health
    23     Saturation        Restores Hunger Faster
    24     Glowing           Outlines Entity, visible through Blocks
    25     Levitation        Makes Player Float, but not fly.
    26     Luck              Improves Loot Drops from fishing or mobs
    27     Bad Luck          Makes junk common, Worsens Loot

(Note, Glowing is Not in MCPE as of this post, however it will come EVENTUALLY, noted by devs, all PC features will come to MCPE.)

Luck/BadLuck will not work, unless LootTables and mobs/fishing gets added to PocketMine.

Nice job but there are many leet tutorials listing effect IDs

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@Mutant3000 they are outdated, and use old ids back before 0.15, and none of them work with /effect

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Cool! Keep up the good work!


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Awesome list, definitely going to be helpful for me!

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I could have sworn Levitation was ID 24…


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@MCPEChicken_ Nice Tutorial, I like the format you used.

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