Server StormZone (PvP) Update!

Hey everyone, I just want to show you where we are ! So I already posted a Topic to ask donations and I showed the server, here :

But yes, some things happened ! There is some new pictures to show you!
So this is a PvP / Faction server :P, I made a list of plugins I needed and what I already had, there is the new list !

AFK Kick - DONE:D<–
Chat Filter - 1499 credits
Clear Lag - DONE:D<–
Combat Logger - DONE:D<–
Command Shop - DONE:D<–
Death Match - credits
Economy - DONE<–
Faction - DONE :D<–
Inventory See - 999 credits
Multi-Worl - 2499 credits
No Void - DONE :D<–
Players Kits - DONE :D <—
PvP Arena - 1999 credits
Super Ban - 1299 credits
Timer Ban - 1499 Credits
Unban Items - DONE:D<–
Unlimited World - DONE :D <—
Voting - DONE :D <—
Wolrd Edit - DONE :D <—
Always Spawn - DONE:D<–
Auto Broadcast - DONE:D<–
Auto Command - DONE:D<–
Function DONE - DONE:D<-- (Doesn’t work…Lol)
Items Display - DONE:D<–
Land Protection - DONE:D<–
Mob Tags - DONE:D<–
Modify Ranks - DONE:D<–
Spawn Particles - DONE:D<–
Status Sign - DONE:D<–

As you can see, I got a lot of plugins I needed. I need 29 plugins and I got 25 plugins, Just 7 plugins to buy and I’m ready ! I need for 10 000 credits and I’m done ! Just 5 donations of 5$ :)))

Anyways, I recruit some people to help me,
-Someone who is good to design website
-Someone who is good with ranks assignment (assign ranks to kits, remove/add perms)
-Some good Builders
Pm me on insta @CupidonSauce173 or here :P
And if you want to play, join now ! IP : / PORT : 4463

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Good luck finding donators! The pictures in the thread look amazing!


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Here, I made the pictures visible. :wink:

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@FuzionPanda Thx XD

Da big Panda

Nice pictures!!! Good luck to you 😊

Server owner of FRIENDS!!

@CupidonSauce173 said in Server StormZone (PvP) Update!:

-Someone who is good to design website
-Someone who is good with ranks assignment (assign ranks to kits, remove/add perms)
-Some good Builders

I can do a weebly website (ex:, can do ranks, and can build better than the average noob player.

@YamYamYammie Do you want to help ?

Da big Panda

@CupidonSauce173 I would but 1. I have finals, 2. I have 2 servers to work on, 3. I usually sleep early at 11 pm these days, so I cant do much. I can definitely work on a website tho? Do you have an email?

@CupidonSauce173 said in Server StormZone (PvP) Update!:

@YamYamYammie [email protected] or [email protected]

Send me pictures of your server by hiding GUI and taking screenshots at [email protected]

@YamYamYammie okok no prob

Da big Panda

@CupidonSauce173 said in Server StormZone (PvP) Update!:

@YamYamYammie okok no prob

Want me to start the website?

@YamYamYammie Of course, take your time, we should go on pm

Da big Panda

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