Need Donations For My Soccer Server

So I came up with an idea… the idea is that I’m going to make a soccer server! I know it sounds weird, but if you like soccer you’ll love this. So there will be ranks, like picking a team, for example, Barcelona or Real Madrid (Real Madrid is the worst team in the world no one should pick that), so after that, you will get kits, that matches the teams color, and pvp in a soccer arena. Sounds cool eh (It’s not ik :/). But for this to happen I need donations, I already got the stadium, all I need now are plugins for kits, ranks, and world protection. My server is offline ATM, but you can still donate! This is how it’s going to go.

1$ = Helper Rank
5$= Mod or Admin Rank (Depends)
10$= CoOwner Rank
20$= Owner Rank
100$= Perm OP & Owner Rank

Now I never make this clear, but if you do grief, ban people that I do not want you to ban, or do something that I don’t want you to do, then you will be demoted, but still have SOME perks.


IP: Port: 17027

Also it’s possible to donate to a server even if it’s down right? Leave it in the comments

I live under a Taco Shop.

Btw thanks for Mutant for the help he made for the server!

I live under a Taco Shop.

@CernMNS Well, sounds interesting. I’d like to see how you’ll make that work.

Discord: xX_Snoopy_Xx#4699

@SnoopDog629 Thanks :)

I live under a Taco Shop.

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