Midnight Craft Rp!

Midnight Craft is a really fun RP server! Definitely perfect for anyone who likes RP servers! We have different varietys of Rps for you guys!
Join now ! Ip: M64393.pocket.pe Port: 64393

Hi, you should include some screenshots of your server to your post. I will come to see the server soon.

For support, visit: http://support.leet.cc

@JNTZ thanks! Ill be sure to! Cant wait to see you there :)

@JNTZ Thanks for the tip! I’ll be sure to!

We have multiple cities in our RP server! And there’s different Rps going on at once!

Looks Good XD

Might join later! Good luck!


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Good luck on the server, I would give a few screenshots as a sneak peak, cuz most people like to see a sneak peek :L

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