KawaiiCity v2 by RonielPlayzMC

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Name: KawaiiCity
IP: c27162.leet.cc
Port: 27162
Owner: RonielPlayzMC
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How to play?
Choose FreeRanks Meet New Friends Mine,Sell,Buy Blocks, Build On Plots, Play Roleplay Join Events Vote To Get $3000,Locker,Dorms & More!
Join Now!

Donate @ kawaiihigh.leet.cc To Get Op!
Helper + Op = 600 Credits
Builder + Op = 1200 Credits
Mod + Op = 1800 Credits
Admin + Op = 2400 Credits
Co-Owner + Op = 3000 Credits
Owner + Op = 3600 Credits

How to donate?
Download Leet.cc Donations On Android Open The App Put Your Username Put This IP: kawaiihigh.leet.cc Verify Then Choose How Much You Want To Donate.
Contact Me If You Donated

Server 5th Anniversary On October 31

@RonielPlayz Hey there, just a small help, if you make a “Helper” Op then idk why you selling owner because Op is like owner with op you can use all commands, you have access to everything, and you can change you rank to owner. But yea that server is awesome you guys should really check it out.

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I wouldn’t sell staff, not a smart idea. First time you get a rich douchy kid who griefs your server and thinks its funny, and that $2 was nothing to him

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Yamburgers or Turkey Burgers?

It is not a very good marketing strategy when you think of it. Try to provide each rank with a certain amount of permissions to not expect the worse for your server, such as griefing.


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Sorry guys I really need donations that’s why i do that

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