Looking for Professional builders and Donaters

Looking for Professional builders who can build an amazing PvP spawn that is decently big and well designed. We also need Donaters. I have owned leet servers and most successful, only reasons some weren’t was because lack of donations so if you donate the server has a higher chance of success and your money will not be wasted. Donate to a22320.leet.cc Port 22320 Name MCHeaven
Join Discord - https://discord.gg/zC5cYpM and apply for staff to.

Regards, UnbeatableForce

Owner Of MCHeaven a22320.leet.cc Port 22320 Looking for Donaters and Professional Builders. Join our Discord https://discord.gg/zC5cYpM

Regards, Force

Discord link doesn’t work and good luck finding good builders and donators.

Discord: Hricxo#3437


@ObsidianTOG is a professional donor 😉

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@UnbeatableForce good luck finding builders. Also, make sure you change the discord code every 30 min or you can just tell them to add you on discord and you invite them to the group.

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@UnbeatableForce I might can help about building and maybe donate sometime! :)

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Unfortunately, due to some past issues, I am unable to donate to your server. Anyways, hope you receive some donors!


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