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  • Spooky Cake

    Hello, In an effort to improve our support team we have decided to create a new group called Forum Moderators. They will be able do basic moderation actions on select areas of the forum. This will allow the forum to continue to be moderated while allow our support team to put all of their focus on the help desk.

    All Forum Moderators will be hand picked based on various reasons decided by our staff team. They are not full staff members and are here only to assist staff in managing the forum and helping out other users. It is a perk and can be taken away at any time if it is abused.

    Note: You may not ask to become this rank nor ask to apply, All forum moderators will be hand picked by our staff team. There is an age limit of 13 years old for this position.

    Forum Moderator duties will include:

    • Enforcing General Rules/TOS
    • Help keep the forum clean
    • Assist and help users

    Forum Moderator WILL be able to:

    • Lock Threads (By original poster request or if the thread breaks the TOS)
    • Move threads (If they are in a incorrect area)
    • Delete posts (If they break the TOS)
    • Give verbal warnings to users

    Forum Moderator WILL NOT be able to:

    • Purge threads or posts
    • Modify post/thread content
    • Edit/Manage user data/profiles
    • Ban users

    LEET Management
    LEET Development Team


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