TheDeibo Staff Application

  • First name: Damian

    Job you apply for: Any Job. I am more into a Community Manager kind of roll, but I am happy to fit anywhere where it may help. :) (I am not much of a developer, but I am a good idealist and that helps others develop)

    What country do you live in: United Kingdom

    What is your native language: English

    What other languages do you speak: Welsh

    Motivation (why do you want to be staff on LEET?): Give back to the community (I count LEET as part of the PocketMine-MP Community. (It’s a sub-community to me. :D)

    Previous experiences (MCPE or other): Used to run my own server, but now I just make a few odd plugins for PocketMine, and I help where I can on the PMMP forum.

    How long have you been using LEET: To be honest, I am always on and off. I mostly like to test it.

    What is your experience with LEET: Been the middle man for most people who wished to complain about leet, and tried to resolve that problem. After that, I help individuals where I can.

    What is your experience with PocketMine: Joined PocketMine in Sep 8, 2014. Ever since, I have been active in the community. When Shoghi left, I was attempting to help the forum staff keep the community together. I made a Windows Installer for PocketMine-MP. It is now outdated, and after a chat with the new PMMP staff, have decided not to update it any time soon.

    What is your experience with plugins: Like I stated earlier, I am more of an idealist when it comes to plugin developing. But, I do know how to make plugins, but It will take a while. I am only recently getting used to the PocketMine api. (Before I started back up again, I had not got a suitable device to do any sort of plugin development, so I was absent from Plugin Development for about a year, But I was able to keep myself running in the community and managed to do other things instead).

    Do you know how to use Slack: Yes.

    Real age: 19 (If you require proof of age, I can supply proof)

    What do you think should improve to LEET: Publicly address any issues that always comes up. (I know you have already, but some members of the PocketMine community are still not getting the message, and I am pretty much not knowing what to do… xD

    (customer support) What would you suggest if someone tells you the server shows up as online in the app, but offline in MCPE. Be descriptive:
    I will tell them - "Hello <UserName>. Firstly, have you tried turning your server off and back on again? And Secondly, does your server version match the client’s version? " Pretty much, go through the basic simple protocols with the user. The common issue I found, was that the PocketMine version and the MCPE Client version does not match. So, it will show up as (in 1/2 cases) unable to join server.

    LEET gets a ton of applications. Tell us something about you that makes you exceptionally good: I have been part of the PocketMine Community for over 3 years. I have seen things… Things that most users here can only imagine.

    My Comments: I know this is not added to Application format, but I would like to say that IF I am accepted, I hope to make a good asset to your team.

    Hope I helped,

    (PocketMine-MP Notable Member since Sept 2014)


  • Department Head

    Thanks for applying.

    This is a great application. Before we review it, its best that we wait a week or two and see what kind of person you are. We are going to view your activity and behavior and then see whether to accept you or not.

    ur favourite elf, alien, anime character, and hybrid

    LEET Human Resource Manager


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