please donate to my server


@GAMER4LIFE21YT u havnt chekced i out yet

@GAMER4LIFE21YT I have actually

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come on now whist am on

I am realy low on creds now plz donate only a little bit would help thanks

@GAMER4LIFE21YT said in please donate to my server:

Hi i started a server i have loads of plugins its mostly factions an pvp but i need credits to make it bigger if you donate 0.99 u get small donator all donator ranks come with /say /me /setprefix and /setsuffix and soon will have /fly

If you donate 4.99 you get /gamemode 1 and 0 anything over 9.99 get super donator with more commands i would also like to mension that the owner of DaynaC helped me make the server my server ip amd port is port 59512

Need credits to make what bigger?

Hello Fello Earthlings 😁 Have a wonderful day

@JMPlayZGameZ the server as i have the economy plugin and the faction but i need creds to get the shop plugin and to make it bigger so more people can join

@GAMER4LIFE21YT If you have economy, that is the shop that you are needing correct? I can help you with it when I get finished with work today. Just message me on discord.

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@GAMER4LIFE21YT Good luck with your server. Remember that you don’t always need plugins to make a good server and get donations. Also try not to beg,not saying you are,but not begging and having a good server would attract more people to WANT to donate without you even asking. You can always have a roleplay server,thats free,or even a 2b2t replica,but anyways good luck with your server! Wish you the best of luck ^<^

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you technically don’t need credits to make your server bigger. If you’re talking about needing the credits for unlimited map then yes.

Hello Fello Earthlings 😁 Have a wonderful day

@JMPlayZGameZ i mean to keep it open

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