Garnet Creative - Plots (Need Staff and Dev)

Name: Garnet Creative
Port: 1798

Garnet Creative
Hey guys I’ve recently made a server, have spent credits on a lot of plugins to run this server and I need staff to moderate. I’ve already made the Spawn/Hub. I just need a hand with setting up the automatic broadcasts and voting system. As far as I know, my server will be a building server where you build amazing structures and receive building ranks. More information will be displayed on the discord server i am creating soon.

Good luck friend on getting staff and more donations!

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The port is 1798?

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I own a server named OzoneHaven! Join it at 39177.

Hey! I am interested in become staff on your server. How do I apply?

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I never saw a leet server with only 4 port numbers… maybe you forgot a number?

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