[Denied] I want a job in LET


Lets start okay i did some steps first one was to logged in done😊

  1. Job whatever job you will give me i know to do lot of things so just accept me and you will see
  2. I live in Kosovo small contry
  3. My primary language is Albania
  4. I know how to speak englisht and im learning Deutch its a bit hard but i vwill soon and of corse i know how to speak my country language
  5. I wanted to be Leet staff since i started to use the app umm not sure how years before but i really liked your app so i decided one time i will make thought and become on of you this is one second is that i love minecraft pe and servers ☺️
  6. I have worked with MCPE and a lot of other games
  7. From the begin of your app
  8. Ok I’ll tell the truth i have used the app since the begin And i really liked it so i decided to do something to make a server then I hacked your app i thing Im the only one who did it on iOS pls dont get it serios cuz im telling the truth i did but the server now is out of credits i really wanted a server thats why i hacked the app it was hard belive but i did anyway sorry for doing this Im really sorry
  9. i have worked with PocketMine i created a server but i didnt know how to give it an IP address anyway From It I lerned how to use, get, and fix some of the plugins, Servers, and more it was awesome
  10. I know some plugins and i know how to get some of them only thing that i dont know is that i really dont know how to create one but I may lerne it by watching someone or videos on Yt
  11. I dont know much but if you want i can teach that i dont think it is hard so just ask and i will
  12. My Real age is 15 im 15 born 07.08.2002
  13. I think you need to fix more plugins and add more plugins to make leet more popular for example to fix magic menu or how was it just an example
  14. First i will give him some steps first go and turn off you server again then start it again if that wont work ill tell him to restart plugins if that wont work again ill tell hime to rollback his map or choice another map if that wont work again ill tell him to reset his server but before this last step ill tell you what to do i tried all steps they didnt work so ill get another step from you and we both will help the costumer who has a problem☺️
  15. I wanted always to be leet staff so this is my chance umm i know a lot of your server and as i said before i have hacked it thing what wont happend again(sorry) i know a lot of plugins how to use, i know how to play mcpe very well thats what I think so makes me more special then others ☺️ Anyway you will choose not me so i just can say PLEASE CHOOSE ME.

Permanent ban, Had 7 (Maybe more) alternate accounts. ~MrCakeSlayer


And for 2 more question that i have forgoten ill answer this:
1.If server will crash ill tell him to restart his server if it doesnt work ill tell him to restart his plugins because plugins make server crash almoost always if that doesnt work again ill tell him to restart his map

  1. And if someone buy and plugins unwanted ill tell him that he should first read what the plugins is about then buy it if he will not accept this then ill tell you because i cant do whatever i want
    Pls Accpet me have a nice day!

Permanent ban, Had 7 (Maybe more) alternate accounts. ~MrCakeSlayer

Thank you for creating a staff application.

Unfortunately, our team has decided to deny you.

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