Arti’s Staff Application

  • [First Name]: Duart Rizani

  • [What country do you live in]: Kosovo

  • [What is your native language]: Albania or(Shqip)

  • [What other languages do you speak]: English, A liitle Germanish or Deutch and my country lang

  • [Motivation (why do you want to be staff on LEET?)]: I always wanted so now is my chance I wanted to be one of Leet, anyway I like Leet and Mcpe I have Started playing MCPE 8 or 7 years ago and started a server on your leet app 3 or 2 years ago

  • [Previous experiences (MCPE or other)]: I have Stared to play mcpe a long time ago so this is one, And I have worked in a Reseller where I could sell CS 1.6 and MC servers

  • [How long have you been using LEET]: 3 or 2 Years ago this isnt a lie first my friend say to me “Hey Duart i found a Program where we can Play mcpe Togther” I said “Wow Awesome whats the program name let me get it and make a server right now” “He said its LEET Relams but dont Get LEET Donations”

  • [What is your experience with PocketMine]: Awesome, I know how to use PocketMine very well I know how to get plugins from it but first you need to check if plugins work and doesnt crash your server

  • [What is your experience with plugins]: As I said I know how to fix some plugins how to get and learn fast how to use but I dont know how to Create one

  • [What is your experience with]: Not too much but I will Learn fast what that Web i think the web is a online chat for staff but all of us use kik

  • [Real age:]:* I’m 15 if you want I can send you photos of my data birth or year

  • [What do you think should improve in LEET]: Should Fix All broken Plugins and add More plugins, Should fix Servers Ping and RAM and ROM because some servers may have lagg from a lot of builds, Should make LEET app More design, and make staff Replay faster when someone send a feedback, add Hunger Games, Skywars, Master Bulder, SkyBlock

  • [What would you suggest if someone tells you the server shows up as online in the app, but offline in MCPE. Be descriptive]: I Will Tell him those steps one by one:

  1. Turn off your server and wait 2-3 minutes then turn it on again
  2. Look if you have bought a new plugin and it is Shutting your server(turn that plugin off after that check your server if it is working go again and turn on your plugin)
  3. Reset your plugins
  4. Rollback your map
  5. 5 Reset your server
  • [Tell us something about you that makes you exceptionally good from other applicants]: I’m not sure, I know a lot of thing I can manage almoost everything and I have worked in a Reseller before where we could open Minecraft Servers so thats make me different from others

  • [What would you do in the situation of a server constantly crashing issue?]: I Will ask the Owner if they have bought A new Plugin and it is crashing his game if not I will tell hin to reset his plugins because always some plugins crash your server

  • [A customer is requesting a refund simply because they don’t like the plugin. What would be your response?]: I Will kindly ask why do they need a refund for the plugin, if they don’t state any reasons why and they insisted they want the refund, I will kindly let them know we cannot give a refund if reasons are not stated but we can help them with a possible solution for the plugin. I would test the plugin myself on their server and if it shows that it was not working correctly, I would screenshot it and report it to the LEET Developer Team and you will help that customer

  • [Email]: My email is [email protected] or this one [email protected]

LEET Support thanks again for giving me more than one chance I wish your app be the Best

Permanent ban, Had 7 (Maybe more) alternate accounts. ~MrCakeSlayer


Who gave you permission to reapply?

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