mcpe username???

have a nice day/night

@sharan104 your server says invalid IP address

have a nice day/night

@alexsir05 said in NEEDS STAFF ON MY SERVER:

@alexsir05 NOTE This is NOT for the LEET Forums it is for MY PE server

I was just about to ask lol

Those who build small stand tall

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Ip :
Port : 32964
Username: sha4an

@sharan104 said in NEEDS STAFF ON MY SERVER:

I need to meet you Before I can OP you (we got that rule)

have a nice day/night

@sharan104 could you just donate 300 credits I really need credits

have a nice day/night

@alexsir05 I don’t have money if I did I would have, but I’ll join the server.

@sharan104 k thx anyways :D

have a nice day/night

Age: 16
What You apply for: Admin
Why do you want to be an staff: I have owned my own server before, and know most of the commands! I am currently an Administrator, and Mod on two other MCPE and PC servers! I know when to kick, and even ban players when necessary! I see capable of this position, and really want to help you out in anyway I can!
What is your experience with LEET: As I said, I have owned servers of my own with leet, and have been with them for a few years.
What is your experience with PM (PocketMine): I had a PC sever with pocket mine, and gain some experience with it.
What is your experience with Commands: I know almost all of the commands, and hope to keep learning!
How long have you been using MCPE (Minecraft: Pocket Edition): About 5 years
How long have you been using LEET: About 2 years
How long have you been using PM (PocketMine): 1 Year
If a user wanna quit and never come back what would you tell them: I would tell them, why would you leave such a great server? And ask him what we can do to make it better!
If a user sees a bug will you tell that to the staffs: Of course! Why wouldn’t I? This would make the server better and work for everyone!
IGN: HazyAthena

Join my server, PvPZone!
Port: 14667

@hazyathena accepted :D join now

have a nice day/night

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