AppleGamers' Application

First name: Finley

What country do you live in: England

What is your native language: English

What other languages do you speak: Spanish and French

Motivation (why do you want to be support staff on LEET?): I would like to become a member of the Support Staff Team because I will be able to help. Although everyone can help each other at times, the community may have questions that the other members don’t know the answers to. I am here to give the best and correct answer to help the member. If I didn’t know the correct answer, then I’d message another Support Staff or a Department Lead. Another reason why I would like to be a member of the Support Staff Team is because I can be active on a daily basis. Meaning that I will always be on the forums, answering tickets, and generally making sure the members of the community forum, and support desk get their support they need, and that they are not left with confusion. I am here to answer them, and clear up any confusion they may have.

Previous experiences (MCPE or other): Developer on a previous LEET hosted server. The server is now closed, and I am no longer staff on it. However, when it was up and running, I sorted the permissions for all the groups, made all the custom groups, as well as setup warps for server owners.

How long have you been using LEET: I’ve been with LEET for 14 months (1 year, 2 months). I’ve really gotten use to everything now.

What is your experience with LEET: I’ve used LEET since the late V1 update. However, it got updated to V2 quite after I joined the LEET community. I have good knowledge with LEET, it’s app, and all the plugins and credit system.

What is your experience with PocketMine: Way back in the day, me and my friends used to download and test PocketMine plugins on a free server that I hosted (not a LEET server). Sometimes we would look in the config scripts and maybe change some default prefixes for the plugin, but I have quite good knowledge with most of the top plugins on the PocketMine plugin website.

What is your experience with plugins: Stated above, I have quite good knowledge with most of the top plugins on the PocketMine plugin website. However, for LEET plugins, I’ve joined a lot of LEET servers using them. I know how to run the commands for the plugin, how to configure with the plugin (commands).

What is your experience with support/customer service? I’ve been staff on multiple LEET servers which unfortunately are no longer running to this day. Players used to ask multiple questions on the server, and I would answer the best I could of course. I would never ignore anyone who asks me a question, has a concern or any type of issue. Even if they were my enemy. I respect everyone how I want to be treated, and deserve every customer should get the kindness and respect they deserve to receive from me.

Do you know how to use Slack: Yes, I do. I’ve used for one server in the past, for mainly staff chats and staff announcements. Never gotten used to the admin side of it, but know the basics on sending images, messages, and changing my profile details.

What do you think should improve to LEET: One thing LEET should consider improving is maybe adding new TapJoy features to the LEET ios app. Currently, when I login to my LEET app, and click the ‘Free Credits’ button, not many download apps come up. This may just be an issue with TapJoy, but if not, this would be a great feature for the ios users of LEET.

What is your email? [email protected]

Real age: 16 - 21/05/2001

(( For the following questions, you will simulate a LEET Support staff. Answer these questions with as much detail and description as possible. ))

What would you suggest if someone tells you the server shows up as online in the app, but offline in MCPE. Be descriptive: If this issue occurs, firstly I would tell the customer to firstly RESTART their Minecraft PE server via the LEET app in the Configure section of the app. After doing so and the server states that it is offline in the MCPE app but not LEET, I would then tell to check the IP and PORT they entered to their MINECRAFT. Make sure all the numbers are correct from the LEET app and that there are no mistakes. After doing so and the issue still consists, I would then tell them to try the REPAIR SERVER option in the Support category of the app. Again, not working, I would contact a higher member of staff to look futher into the issue.

What would you do in the situation of a server constantly crashing issue? If the customer’s server was crashing constantly, I’d firstly tell them to do a RESTART via the Configure section of the LEET app. After doing so, and the issue still consists, I’d ask them to REPAIR SERVER via the Support category of the app. Again, not working, I would contact a higher member of staff to look further into the issue.

A customer is requesting a refund simply because they don’t like the plugin. What would be your response? (I believe LEET do not do refunds.) Firstly, I’d ask the customer “What don’t you like about the plugin?” I would collect some information first before taking action in any way shape or form. After asking that, I’d ask “Is there something to do with the plugin that you are not too sure about? For example, is there a command not working correctly, or you simply do not know how to run the plugin correctly?” After asking all these questions and collecting good amounts of information, hopefully they do not wish for a refund. Here at LEET, the developers work hard, making sure you enjoy the plugin, and they fix any bugs that you or other members see.

LEET gets a ton of applications. Tell us something about you that makes you exceptionally good: First of all, I am active on a daily basis, meaning I will be answering tickets, helping on the community forums every single day. I do not mind doing this, at the end of the day I want to make sure that LEET customers get the best out of their server and the host, and make sure that they are having fun with their own server, and that bugs are being reported and being worked on. Second of all, I am a mature person. I believe every staff member here at LEET should be mature, no matter what the case is. Your job is to support LEET customers, and that is what I strive to do everyday.

Banned for ban evasion (Finners) ~MrCakeSlayer


Thank you for taking your time to fill out a staff application.

You meet the minimal requirements. However, we would like to observe your activity on the forum before making a judgment as you only have 12 posts over 10 months.


LEET Customer Support Representative

Need help? Feel free to make a support ticket at

•If you have any questions feel free to ask me•
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Application denied, Account banned for ban evasion.

LEET Dual Manager

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