(Approaching to deliver da news)

Hello everyone, we just pushed an update to the following plugins:

  1. Limited Creative
  2. Nether Chests


Set the permission limitedcreative.permission.creative (You will need modify ranks for this) to limit the creative experience. You can also negate the permission by adding a ‘-’ in the beginning of the permission (ie: -limitedcreative.permission.creative)

When players are in creative they can’t:

  1. Drop items from their inventory
  2. PVP Other players
  3. PVP Mobs/entities
  4. Interact/open: chests, furnaces, item frames, etc…


  1. Creative and survival inventories are separate
  2. If an item is placed in creative mode, and then broken in survival mode the block will not drop

Nether Chest (LEET Vaults)

Due to a recent pocketmine update, the plugin nether chests became useless as pocketmine implemented ender chests. So, We have replaced the plugin with one called LEET Vaults!

If you previously had NetherChests, you will not need to buy this plugin again.

Player vaults allow players to have portable virtual vaults on the server.

To create/open your personal vault use /leetvault alias /lv

Admin commands:
/leetvaultadmin <vault#/clear/setlimit> <playername/(#vaultNo/all)/#limit> [playername] alias /lva

More updates and new stuff will be coming soon, stay tuned!