UQ Survival (2B2T remake)

Hello LEET users!

We all know. People are bored by buggy. Which is why I am making this server insert plain face

Today I’m proud to announce that I’m launching a new server! lots of excitement happens But it’s a survival server.

Basically it’s just like Vanderley’s 2B2T but rewritten. At spawn, it has food and a link to the forest to suit your needs so you can play.

Name: UQ
IP: uqsurvival.pocket.pe (vid.pocket.pe for short)
PORT: 57956

Enjoy! See you around.

Btw there is no factions atm. I am working on this.

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Sounds Awesome! Good luck!


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Well, it died. Rip :)

@vdvndv said in UQ Survival (2B2T remake):

Well, it died. Rip :)

You didn’t have to bump the thread for no good reason. That’s not allowed. (Why do u guys even go digging for old posts anyway)

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@ibrahimk157 I am felling like @vdvndv is @Partypecker for some reason.

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@mcpechicken_ said in UQ Survival (2B2T remake):

OP is banned… Just lock the post @Forum-Moderator


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