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[ Denied ]Staff Application by Austin

  • First Name:Austin

    Country: The country that I live in and have lived in all my life is the United States of America.

    Native Language: My native language is English.

    Other languages: I am currently enrolled in a Spanish 1 class at my highschool so I might be speaking Spanish soon.

    Motivation: I have been using LEET servers for four years now and I have to say it’s the best server provider I’ve seen since Pocketmine. My main motivations for wanting to work with LEET is the following: Throughout the four years I’ve used LEET, I’ve noticed many things that players struggle with such as commands for plugins, built in features such as color chat, and hacking problems. I feel that as a Senior LEET user, I should give some of my wisdom and knowledge to the players that need help.

    Previous Experiences: MCPE

    How long I’ve used LEET: As I said before in this application, I’ve been using LEET for four years now and I’ve absolutely loved it.

    Experience with LEET: During my four years as a LEET user and LEET server creator and owner, I’ve been getting used to the commands,plugins,built in features,and helping people in different servers.

    Experience with Pocketmine: Before I started using LEET, I used Pocketmine servers and obtained a knowledge of basic commands and plugins. I used Pocketmine for almost two years. There servers may be a bit glitchy but the plugins are awesome to use.

    Experience with Slack.com: I’ve heard of Slack.com but I’ve never used it before.

    Age: My real recorded age is seventeen. I’m in 10th grade currently.

    What I think should improve in LEET: Well,throughout my four years of using LEET, I have noticed that multiple things could be improved,such as the quantity and outbreak of glitches,and definitely hacking. I’ve seen many many glitches affect gameplay but they are not malicious or dangerous to the server. They are just annoying and irritating. That’s one thing I think should improve. Another thing is that there are always hacks being pushed through into the game by mod apps and other softwares. These hacks make playing the game unfair.

    Suggestions to fix online/offline error: If someone was having trouble accessing their server in MCPE because it shows that’s offline but online in the leet app,I would suggest that they turn the server off and then back on in the leet app, and then if that doesn’t work,delete the server from their server list in MCPE,and try to retype the server information.

    Something that makes me exceptionally good from other applicants: I have extremely good teamwork skills as I am in the national BETA club,FFA,and FCCLA,and I believe that Leadership skills and teamwork skills are important in something like this. I am also described at school as a people person witb a friendly and positive attitude,and willing to work with anyone.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.


  • Support Team

    Hey @austinw17566,

    Before accepting or denying your application, we would like to see your activity on the forum. After a week or two we will see if we can accept you or not depending on your activities and support.

  • Support Team

    @austinw17566 application denied, due to inactivity. Have a beautiful day!

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