[Denied] DalMcpe's application

First name: Dalton Endicott
What country do you live in: United States of America
What is your native language: English
What other languages do you speak: I do speak most of the simplified Chinese language.
Motivation (why do you want to be support staff on LEET?): I would like to be a Leet staff member becuase I am at the mature age of someone to do this job.
Previous experiences (MCPE or other): I have been on many servers and love it. I had my own pocketmine at one time.
How long have you been using LEET: For many years I think I started in 2014
What is your experience with LEET: I had my leet server for the longest time and most aware of all the plugins that you use.
What is your experience with PocketMine: I had my own Pocketmine server at one point and was very well with adding its plugins
What is your experience with plugins: Very good with all of the plugins to be honest.
What is your experience with support/customer service? I am nice and friendly and love to answer questions
Do you know how to use Slack: I love the application and am very familure
What do you think should improve to LEET: It doesn’t need improving but a little less lag.
What is your email? [email protected] is my current email.
Real age:* 17, 12/19/2000

Thank you for your time,
Dalton Endicott

Hi, you have not fully completed the application format, please refer to this for reference: http://leetforum.cc/topic/28239/read-before-applying-application-format

Check out my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsx_TB1nVOIZ1m69nSI05pg

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Contact us - support.leet.cc
CoOwner of BossNether
Always happy to be of assistance!

Hey there, unfortunately we have decided to denie your application. Have a nice day.

LEET Customer Support Representative

Need help? Feel free to make a support ticket at support.leet.cc

•If you have any questions feel free to ask me•
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