PvPZone! KitPvP Server!

Hey guys! 👋 HazyAthena here, bringing you my very own server… PvPZone! I spent many weeks working on this and I am finally finished! Spent over 30 dollars, trying to figure out commands (lol sorry for bothering you guys on the forum) but got it finished! A big thank you to @PolyBossX @GamesOfGamersLTU and everyone else who helped me with commands and make this happen 😊

So, what is PvPZone? Well, a KitPvP Server of course! We have many Kits to chose from to battle with! Donators and Voters will also get their very own special kit! You can also get Kits buy spending your in-game coins, which you get by killing other players!

What’s my goal for this server? I made this server for PvPers just as myself to enjoy! I also made it so players can improve on their PvP skills! And of course, I hope I can fill this sever with the best PvPers around!

So, what are you waiting for? Come join PvPZone, and improve on your PvP skills today! t14667.pocket.pe Port: 14667
I am also looking for any Youtubers around that could maybe a server trailer for me? If you are intrested, just comment or PM me!

Thanks guys! Have a great weekend!

Join my server, PvPZone! t14667.pocket.pe
Port: 14667

@hazyathena Dude I wish u the best!!! Good luck man and if there is anything i can do for you plz let me know !!! 😁👍

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YouTube: Poly BossX
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@PolyBossX Thanks! You too!

Join my server, PvPZone! t14667.pocket.pe
Port: 14667

Sounds amazing! Gonna join it!

Always Here To Help!
[Hoping To Be A LEET Support Staff]

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