Developer Application

First name: Seb
What country/timezone do you live in: England/GMT
What is your native language: English
Why do you want develop for LEET: Because i think i can use my skills to become part of a big community to help everyone that uses leet and make them loads of cool plugins
Previous development experience: Developed & Owned BrandPE, Developer for CastleRaidPE & working with Plugged In Pointers to make a network of servers for his fans
How long have you been using LEET: I used for about a year in the past but since i started development i used a vps or host to test my plugins
What is your experience with LEET: I think leet is a very good, well developed app that supports the people who want to make a server the easiest way, the staff are actively on the forums
Which parts of the PocketMine API are you familiar with: Mainly events & commands but im starting to branch off and do more other stuff
What kind of plugins have you made: Open source not much but for personal use I made crates, tokens, kits, shopUI, custom economy, kill / death tracker, multiple cores and more
Are you okay with using Slack: Yes
Real age: 12 (13 in April)
Link to source code of previous work: My biggest open source code is PotatoeCore

I also work for CLADevs

im now 13 ☺ today is my birthday

In your initial application you said you wouldn’t be 13 til April but it’s still February and now your claiming your 13 today? Regardless, Application denied as you failed to meet the minimum age requirement (14)

LEET Dual Manager

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