Apply for Leet plugin Developer

First name: Mathew
What country/timezone do you live in: England:GMT
What is your native language: English
Why do you want develop for LEET: I want my plugins to make a difference and to actually be used and be useful. I also like to see people’s reactions to my plugins and I’ll see more of that here.
Previous development experience: I attempted making a plugin that kicks people on death which was a fail.

I successfully created a plugin called zoom which effects players on join with potion effects from config and the time length from there too. Currently adding killer effect.
zoom currently has one Lint error which is the listener we and I’m fixing that currently but the plugin works and effects players as instructed.
How long have you been using LEET: I used it for 3 years plus before I stopped and I have been catching up on what I missed for the past month or two.
What is your experience with LEET: I have used leet to create successful BuildCraft servers and I have been part of the community for a long time.
Which parts of the PocketMine API are you familiar with: Plugin areas mostly.
What kind of plugins have you made: zoom which gives players an effect on joining and can be changed in config.
Are you okay with using Slack: Sure
Real age: 14 since November 9th
Link to source code of previous work:

Anything else?: I am barely away from a computer or codes.

I can link your client made websites to Google for free.

Application denied.

LEET Dual Manager

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