HighSchool & City Roleplay by RonielPlayzMC


Hi! Guys I’m back we are working on my up comming roleplay server. I need donations to support my server because my server is dying! I appreciate any amount of donations
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Want to be Op! on my server?
Donate 2000 Credits To Get Op!

Donate At This IP:kawaiihigh.leet.cc

Name:HighSchool & City Roleplay by RonielPlayzMC

-sorry for my english


Copying other servers won’t help you gain donations. Try thinking of something unique or you have no brain?

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Always happy to help! Visit my profile for more information how to contact me!

@ronielplayzmc Nice job on recreating the map. I’ll join and check it out soon!


@DaynaC Thx ^_^ its still in progress I’ll release it soon in this coming march

Hi there! I am an admin on Roniel’s roleplay server, and he told me to come and give a bit of better information about the server to allow everyone to understand a bit better what we are aiming for as a server!

What do we aim to do?

We want to offer a roleplay experience that is simplistic and fun. All we want you to do when you first come on is to take a look at our rules, look at the school, and chose a rank that you would like to roleplay as! Want to be a police officer and stop the people trying to kill others? Go for it! Want to be a principal at school? Go right ahead! An economy system involving a mine is a WIP, so if you need food just ask a staff member for some for now and we’ll happily provide food!

What will our roleplay be like?

Our roleplay will be similar to how other popular RP servers are, mainly in how the players choose to roleplay. That doesn’t mean we would like to have “weird” roleplay situations, so keep that in mind! Houses will be built as we develop the city made specifically for roleplay, so if you wanna roleplay your own life in our server in a roleplay specific house, go for it!

How will our server grow?

Our server will grow with the help of YOU! Our vote plan would be, once our system if set up, where you can vote a certain amount of times to get some bonuses in the server! Want to have your own personal locker? Just vote 3 times for our server! You can vote more times to get your own personal house built in a special area for voters! Think of it like a voter community!
But votes isn’t where our server is able to keep going. That’s with YOUR donations! We are starting to plan out expanding our server slots, but to do that, we need donations! Any amount of credits will work, as low or as high as you want! As Roniel said, if you donate 2000 credits, you get OP status! Of course you’ll be monitored more closely with that in mind, but the bonuses for donating can be greater than voting!

Thank you for reading this and I hope you do consider checking us out, and even donating some credits to us! :)

@hypnify said in HighSchool & City Roleplay by RonielPlayzMC:

Copying other servers won’t help you gain donations. Try thinking of something unique or you have no brain?

That’s not very nice 😕


Donating for OP isnt a good idea! Some rich kid, or some kid with daddy’s credit card, or some 10 year old who abuses the crap out of OP can be a real issue you may run into.

Just a tip ;) (OP is an extremely risky thing to give out)

good luck with the server!

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