:3 Im newwwwww sORTA lol,

@kaeciedatneko_ said in :3 Im newwwwww sORTA lol,:

Eh not rlly Mo πŸ˜‚ I just wanted to liek join ig cuz like
WhY nOt x,3
Btw ty again

Oh okay, welcome ^-^

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@friendship i knOW ZAKI xdd who else would be named the aweshum friendship? πŸ€”πŸ°

''Just Tryna Be who I am. Dont judge because You'll will only hurt yourself, darling. ;)''

Hahah welcome i like your post lol

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Welcome Back! Glad to see community members returning

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@kaeciedatneko_ said in :3 Im newwwwww sORTA lol,:

HI HI HI HI hola henlo x,) so, immmmm kinda new to Le forums
i made my acct like a few months ago
never had a chance to do anything so likeeeeee i guess im still new??? idk x,D i just wanted to say hi hi and hola and yeah :3
uhhhhh info about me ig;
My name is Breanna but i gotta lot of nicknAMEs
Kaecie, Breanna, Brecie, Bre, Kae, kitty etc.
uhh im a magical toaster rabbit cat with 42 children (rp ofc) annnnd
uhm x,3 i play miencraft ofc, i have a server tooooooooo lol.
i have a pet bunny :3 his name is Thumper, hes a netherland dwarf and hES SO CUTEEEEEEE HE GIVES BUNNY KISSES XD lol anywaaaaaays, i cant promise thAT ill be on often cuz im lazy all the time but like yeah, HULLOOOOO COMMUNITY Xd

Welcome to da forums! ;)

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@kaeciedatneko_ welcome back! I hope you take the time to connect with our users and stick around!

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@kaeciedatneko_ Welcome to the LEET Forums! I’m Jax, and I won’t be your guide :D

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Omg i srsly died to ur comment πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ lmbo tysm

''Just Tryna Be who I am. Dont judge because You'll will only hurt yourself, darling. ;)''



''Just Tryna Be who I am. Dont judge because You'll will only hurt yourself, darling. ;)''

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