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Hello guys,
I have a great idea! Is there anyway to make some bank with GUI?
You can select ‘takemoney’ or ‘paymoney’.
With take money you can get money from you’re own account,
And with paymoney you can put money on you’re own bank account.
~Nice idea for roleplay servers~
Is there anyone who can help me with create this command!!

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This is a great idea I would also like to add this to my server if anyone creates it :)

Hello Fello Earthlings 😁 Have a wonderful day

[1] /cmd create bank
[2] /cmd add bank %player% = %p%
[3] /cmd add bank %gui%[“type”] = “custom_form”
[4] /cmd add bank %gui%[“title”] = “Bank”
[5] /cmd add bank %gui%[“content”] = “DEPOSIT OR WITHDRAW”
[6] /cmd add bank %item1%[“type”] = “dropdown”

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