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Hello there @Development-Team !

Today, I want to suggest the new feature to the LeetProtector plugin.
I was planning to make this post like two months ago but the time comes to the right place.
You already know that fclaim was added before?
I now want to suggest a “knockback” feature because many good pvp servers has a good knockback. Knockback even makes server better for pvp.
I thought that it could work like this:

· /area toggle [areaName] [pvp|getdamage|interact|place|break|access|home|tp|fclaim|knockback]

· /area toggle [areaName] knockback (0.01 - 0.50)

Now we can put the number for knockback to 0.50 or less for any places.

I hope you will like this idea because many pvp servers like this would be really changed with a little new feature and servers might grow up!
Have a wonderful day.

Creator of GoldenRealms

Twitter - iDaxy

This is not a feature for an area protect plugin. Also we are testing something that if released will include the knock back enchantment.

LEET Dual Manager

@mrcakeslayer Alright, thanks for the answer.

Creator of GoldenRealms

Twitter - iDaxy

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