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I do not really understand the command /effect - on youtube it looks like useful for me.

Can someone explain how the command works if I want to set on coordinates “1 2 3” the flame effect 5-times? Just this block?

Does /effect even work on LEET?

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Hi! Yes /effect does work
here’s an example
ascon /effect %p% speed 99999 2 true
/effect %p% speed 99999 2 true
this is the effect you want, you can search up the numbers I just use the name of the effect because it’s easier to remember.
/effect %p% speed 99999 2 true
This is the time so if you want 5 minutes you would put 5 minutes in seconds which is 300 seconds.
/effect %p% speed 99999 2 true
this is the amplifier like how strong the effect will be if 100 then they would be really really fast.
/effect %p% speed 99999 2 true
this is for the particles. If you want it off then put true if you want the particles just skip it or put false.

Hello Fello Earthlings 😁 Have a wonderful day

I’m not sure if there’s a flame effect you can search it up.

Hello Fello Earthlings 😁 Have a wonderful day

Oh I’m such an idiot…

I meaned /particles



I didn’t read other comments so I made a useless mini tutorial post thing this is the edited version from it

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Too see your pos do //1 in the position you want particles to spawn.
[1] /particles flame <x> <y> <z> 20 20 20 <times>

I’m not sure what 20 20 20 does I think you should find out, maybe it’s right, left, up.

<times> - how many times will the particle be played.

NOTE These doesn’t work in other worlds.

@Hypnify it is the size of the area that gets filled with the particle. If you type 0.5 0.5 0.5 instead of 20 20 20 it fils only 1 block.

Thank you :)

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