Great 30,000 Credits MadCommands Minigame Contest

This is a call for all minigame creators!
We’re going to give away 30,000 credits in prizes!

In the celebration of the recent MadCommands 2.0 release, we are running a great minigame contest. Simply create a great unique minigame on your server, participate in the contest, and win.

We want to see some unique and cool entertaining minigames, so don’t be shy if you haven’t made one yet, you can still create it and participate now!


  • First place: 15,000 credits
  • Second place: 10,000 credits
  • Third place: 5,000 credits
  • 10 finalists will be featured on YouTube
  • All participants will get free exposure here in the contest’s thread


    • Only one minigame per server - apply with the best one
  • LEET staff and jury members can’t participate
  • Minigame must utilize MadCommands
  • Applications accepted until 30th of April or until we get at least 15 applications, whichever comes later
  • No changes to the minigame (except for bug fixes) after entering the contest, until results are announced

How to participate

To participate in the contest, submit reply to this thread below, including ONLY the following information:

  • the words CONTEST APPLICATION in all caps
  • server name
  • server address (IP) and port
  • name of the participating minigame

Invalid applications will be rejected.

How to win

The contest will have two rounds.

In the first round we will be evaluating popularity, simply by counting votes. If you want to support someone’s application, upvote it here in this thread. Everyone can upvote one or more participating servers. The first round will run until the end of May 2018, or until four weeks after we get 15 applications, whichever comes later.

10 servers with the highest number of votes will become the finalists.

In the second round a jury consisting of myself (madhon), as the MadCommands author, and three more volunteering judges will evaluate the 10 finalists in 4 different categories:

  • uniqueness/originality
  • entertainment level
  • design/visual appeal
  • implementation (how well it uses MadCommands)

Every judge will give each finalist between 1 and 10 points in each category, not giving the same mark to two servers at once, without knowing evaluation of the other 3 judges. In addition to that between 4 and 40 points will be given to each finalist in the oder of votes received in the first round of the contest.

So the minimum amount of points a finalist can get is 20, maximum is 200.

Finally, results will be announced and 3 servers with the highest amount of points received will receive the prize.

Good luck!

I look forward to seeing your applications!
Let’s show the world we can make some really great minigames using LEET and MadCommands!

If you like trains or mazes, make sure to check out TrainMazeLand!
If my post has helped you, feel free to donate some credits to ;-)

Note: Non contest entries will be deleted, If discussion is needed create a post, You can PM questions directly to madhon.

LEET Dual Manager

Server name: Krapcon
Server address: 25559
name of the minigame: KPrison

KPrison includes 20 mines (unlockable with ranks), unlimited ranks, Standart Kit (20 upgrades, upgrades need to be unlocked with ranks first - then bought), Premium Kits (just available through Tokens), ChestSystem (CrateSystem)

Just to add this: This is my whole server - but a “mini”-game.

Good luck to all others who join.

Melon 25559

May help me to win this contest as MadCommands developer :)

Craft Society PE
Minigames:Earthquake Run

Pixel Craft
Minigame: Parkour (Advanced)

Join My Leet Server

About Me
I own the Pixel Craft server
YouTube Channel: ProMasterBoy - Minecraft
Xbox Live Gamertag: ProMasterBoyYT
Discord: ProMasterBoy#4804

This post is deleted!

Server name: -=]CHAOS[=-
Server address (IP) and port: - 63145
Name of the participating minigame: Spleef

Short description of the minigame:
Breaking blocks under players to drop them into the void, last player standing wins.

Few features of the minigame:

  • You can’t kill other player but you can push them to fall by hitting them

  • The items of the blocks which you break automatically disappear after you break them to reduce lag

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