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Hello Guys, I’m currently asking for some help on better understanding of the command /setinventory from the plugin [ Mad Commands ]

My objective : Is to give a player 10 pieces of stone in one slot.
My Error : Is that i would try to run the command but only gives a player 1 piece of stone.

My code:

So is this right for give a player 10 stone blocks…

/cmd add <name> setinventory %p% 1 10

I would like to know what am i doing wrong, many thanks

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I think it’s supposed to be only 1

Hello Fello Earthlings 😁 Have a wonderful day

You need to do
/cmd add <command> /setinventory %p% 1 10

@jmplayzgamez I agree with you, I already tried to set more than 1 but there is no way.
@PolyBossX you can ask Madhon about this.

alt text

@jmplayzgamez no it can be more than one

@idaxyy i have lol. He said to ask the forum first.

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