Looking for a developer, for a BETA server..

I need someone who could you maybe make a GUI Hud, on my server, with categories… it’s a Roleplay server, and I’m not very experienced with the whole MadCommands plugin, I wanna add categories like “Sizes”, “Warps”, “Items”, “Groups” and “Additional Commands”… I don’t have money to offer at the moment, but I will assure you, the server will grow over time, and I’ll give your better feedback, with $10 at least, in the future. Thanks for reading! (:

I’ll only reply with discord: ShadeKnight#7496

I would love to help but I am currently occupied with other matters. I will contact you if I have the time.

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@wreckd Hello, he/she said he’ll/she’ll only reply thru discord. Read the whole post. If you don’t have time or you’ll have later bookmark this & find this post then contact him thru discord. :) What was the point of you making the posts? Increase your posts?

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Always happy to help! Visit my profile for more information how to contact me!

@hypnify I understand that, however I am new and I do not have time to add Discord and found it more useful to reply here to save time. I personally do not care about post counts. Please do not assume something. Thank you.

ur meme collection is a spec in my gallery

@wreckd Hey, sorry for the late reply!

@stylewounds Hello, I’d love to help you out with MadCommands. I added you on Discord.

  • Discord: Freddo#2539
    If you have any questions, don't hesistate to ask.

If you need any help with MadCommands feel free to ask me 😉

twitter: @datalion_
Mail: [email protected]

Any problems?
Feel free to contact us on: http://support.leet.cc

@stylewounds Don’t Trust Him.

And when I said I didn’t have time left on my hands anymore, I said I’d retire. HE simply Dev banned me.

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