Welcome To DaployMc!

DaployMc NetWork
DaployMc is a Minecraft Pocket Edition network, Created and maintened by Daily & Cosmic, with the objective of making a hobbie and a dream, into a work and a reallity. You can purchase with the peace of mind knowing that we pride ourselves on making the players happy and providing a friendly server network for you all to enjoy! Thanks to all users and helpers that made it possible :).

Want To Be Staff?
DaployMc requires that you are 14 years old of age (verification test needed) and you are experienced with most positions! If you meet these terms you can apply for staff at our website (sorry not ready yet) or donate to us at <link to non leet service removed by ibrahimk157>

Server Release Date
Our server is no where close to being released! I made this topic just so i could advertise my server a little bit more!

Regards Daily Omega!

Banned for multiple alt accounts ~MrCakeSlayer

@daploymc is this a leet server?

Hello Fello Earthlings 😁 Have a wonderful day

@Forum-Moderator remove non leet service link please.

LEET Customer Service Representative

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Need assistance? Get support at support.leet.cc !

GFX Designer

Twitter/YT/Instagram: TechKingHQ
Discord: TechKingHQ#4929

Seems like a nice upcoming server.

  • Discord: Freddo#2539
    If you have any questions, don't hesistate to ask.
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