[IMPORTANT MUST READ] Regarding asking for support here on the forum



It has come to our attention that a lot of users are asking for/giving support here on the forum. This, unfortunately, isn’t what you’re supposed to do if you want support.

Why? You may ask:

Well because the forum is no longer used for support and we highly encourage everyone that wants to get support to file a support ticket at support.leet.cc . There, an experienced leet staff member will give you all the proper support, and provide you with information that you can trust and rely on, compared to many wrong support information posted here on the forum.

So please, don’t post threads here asking for support. And if you’re just replying to a thread asking for support, just redirect the person to support.leet.cc (avoid posting entirely if that’s already been done by someone else before you).


There’s only one exception to this, which is support related to madcommands.

Feel free to ask for support regarding madcommands under its category here on the forum. For a matter of fact, we highly encourage using the forum over support.leet.cc when it comes to support related to madcommands. This, however, is the ONLY exception. Any other form of support should be handled on support.leet.cc

I thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Have a wonderful day :)

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@ibrahimk157 well said :)

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@jaxtheperson said in [IMPORTANT MUST READ] Regarding asking for support here on the forum:

I give this the thumbs up 👍👍

Very much appreciated

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