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MiniCraft is a new upcoming factions server currently in BETA mode right now. We have a decent amount of plugins for example, world edit, multi-world, etc.

But we are in a desperate need of staff right now, as we only have 4 staff.

This is what we need.

Owners: N/A
CoOwners: 1x
HeadAdmin: 1x or 2x
Admin: 2x
Mods: 3x
Builders: 3x
NOTE: Admins and Mods will go through trainee, builders will not.

If you wish to apply for staff, here is the link to the website:

Server IP:
Port: 46904

Thank you for taking you time to read this.

~ TechDZN (aka MCProGamer34) | MiniCraft CoOwner |

oh god the first picture I saw on ur website made me feel like throwing up-- like I’m spinning

“A secret shop that you will find easily” Wait wot-- I’m confused is it really a secret o-o (I found this on the server website)

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t @YamYamYammie :)

@s3noo_ lol good luck with your server man

@techdzn MiniCraft Network?
How are you going to turn the server in to a network? That sounds expensive.

I can link your client made websites to Google for free.

Hello, I would be happy to help out. Please message me via the PM system to talk about roles :P

ur meme collection is a spec in my gallery

@wreckd okay, I shall pm.

@mattemmodder Yes, me and @S3noo_ have the minimum but enough to turn it into a network.

MiniCraft CoOwner | Talk to me for buisness inquires or applications.

Discord: techsupport#4072
Twitter: @LedgicMC
YouTube: - - -

Server IP:
Port: 46904

Server name changed to HyverseMC :P!

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