SkyMC Factions

Do you like factions? Plots? Mini games? Build battles? Anything really, if you can imagine it-- It is here. Make sure to join!
Make sure to donate and vote! This server’s next update will be BIG! Be ready!

@xxwme Great! I would suggest sharing some pics, of the server. That way players can get a fair idea about the server as well :D .


alt text
Find support at:

@danjoe3 said in SkyMC Factions:

! I

sure! I got tons.

I am trying to…

![0_1521661813252_CD5AFEE5-1016-462A-9289-624C7A7D58D0.png](Uploading 100%)

ok there is a website where there are pics of my server…should i tell it?

I imagine cake wars

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I own a server named OzoneHaven! Join it at 39177.

Pictures would be nice.

MiniCraft CoOwner | Talk to me for buisness inquires or applications.

Discord: techsupport#4072
Twitter: @LedgicMC
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Server IP:
Port: 46904

Try making your advert more detailed when you don’t have a website or YouTube trailer to explain more because not everyone will join with a brief description! Still, good luck finding regular players.

ur meme collection is a spec in my gallery

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