Need someone who is good with Mad Commands!

Hello :) I need someone who has knowledge of Mad Commands and is willing to help us with creating a fresh new server with no pay to win mechanics and a strategy, class based PvP called Red vs Blue! RvB Network would like a trustworthy, patient person who is glad to help us achieve our dream!

| RvB Network | New server in the works |
Looking for staff and test runners

Founders: ✓
Admin/Devs: ✘
Moderator: ✘
Builders: ✘
Test runners: (0/12)

If there is an ✘ that means we have not currently found someone, if interested please DM :)

*Since APR 21 I use -SD1 so you know its me.

@soggydigestive1 hello There, I can tell that you are new to the LEET community! I hope that you enjoy being! For your topic, I wish you the best of luck finding madcommands users, we have lots of them here!

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I can do mad commands! :D
Discord: Alike#6322

@alike101 said in Need someone who is good with Mad Commands!:

I can do mad commands! :D
Discord: Alike#6322

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ur meme collection is a spec in my gallery

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