Area plugin broken

So, its been like this for 8 days and I need area to work. Please Leet! When it asks me to break the pos, it doesn’t work or do anything after.

@pandagamer So apparently, NPC doesn’t work either as it says ‘Unknown error’ when I do it.

Is your server using version 1.2.13?

Hi @pandagamer

Update server version to 1.2.13
This is the important part
Once done stay on the app and turn server off and back on

If it’s still not working I recommend for you to file a support ticket at and they’ll assist you from there. 😁

Hello Fello Earthlings 😁 Have a wonderful day

@jmplayzgamez Thanks sooo much! Can be locked.

@jmplayzgamez Area works but NPC doesn’t which is odd.

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