MadCommands Args.

In madcommands, how many types of “% args%” are there and what is the function?

Hi @TheSuki

It depends.
/idk 1 2 3 4 5…
%args%[1] = 1
%args%[2] = 2 and so on
%args%[1+] = 1 2 3 etc
%args%[2+] = 2 3 4 etc

And there are events aswell which has different functions for a certain args.

For more information check this site out! It’s amazing!

Hello Fello Earthlings 😁 Have a wonderful day

args ar what you do with a command like
/clear with more tags…
1/cmd create clear
this create a command to clear your chat and inventory

2/cmd add clear let %tag% = %args%[1]
´this is a tag that will be chat and inv this wil be 2 different args…´
3/cmd add clear let %player% = %args%[2]
´this is a second line this will be /clear inv playername´

4/cmd add clear if varset(%tag%) then goto 7
5/cmd add clear message %p% usage: /clear chat/inv playername
6/cmd add clear exit
7/cmd add clear if %tag% = “inv” then goto 11
´this is the command that you is for /clear inv you can change this wanne to what you want.´

8/cmd add clear if %tag% = “chat” then goto
9/cmd add clear message %p% unknown command try /clear inv,chat
10/cmd add clear exit
11/cmd add clear if varset(%player%) then goto 15
12/cmd add clear /setinventory %p% 0
13/cmd add clear message %p% you cleard your inventory
14/cmd add clear exit
15/cmd add clear let %status% = playerstatus(%p%)
16/cmd add clear if %status%[“op”] = 0 then message %p% you do not have permission tho use this command!
17/cmd add clear if %status%[“op”] = 0 then exit
18/cmd add clear let %online% = onlineplayers()
19/cmd add clear if %player% notin %online% then message %p% player is not online!
20/cmd add clear if %player% notin %online% then exit
21/cmd add clear /setinventory %player% 0
22/cmd add clear exit
23/cmd add lear message %p% §§
´repeat 200 time for the whole chat!´

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